Krk - The Golden Island


Among the towns on the island of Krk, the over 2,000 year old town of Krk constitutes the heart of the island.

To this day, Krk is a fortified town completely surrounded by walls. The highlight is the sacred complex consisting of three churches with the cathedral, which built out of the remains of Roman spas in the 5th century. 



The historic town of Vrbnik


The town of Vrbnik was built on a 49 m high rock above the sea.

This historic town is especially fascinating, because each house and every street and alley are adapted to the contour of the rock, which gives the town a unique flair. This town is a must-see, and don't forget to take a stroll along the world's narrowest street, which is only 50 cm wide.



Rijeka - the largest seaport town


With almost 200,000 residents, the city of Rijeka, which is 20 km from Risika, is the largest port town on the Croatian coast. 

One of Rijeka's attractions located near the harbor is the city tower, through which you enter the historic district and can reach the old city hall. From Tito Square, you can reach the Trsat castle via 559 steps, and you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the Kvarner bay with its numerous islands. Along with many boutiques, Rijeka also includes Croatia's largest shopping center. The 5-story tower is only 1.5 km from the city center and is the perfect excursion destination for rainy days.





You can't miss out on seeing the picturesque surroundings of Opatija.

In this town, which is steeped in history, you should definitely stop by the beach and take a look at a few of the attractions. In Opatija, you can marvel at many different styles including everything from the Renaissance style to the Venetian, Gothic, and Baroque style as well as Classicism, etc.